Unique Puma 2018 World Cup Font Revealed

Puma designed a unique typeface for the 2018 World Cup. The new Puma 2018 World Cup font is used for all of Puma's sponsored 2018 World Cup teams.

Puma 2018 World Cup Typeface

Here are some examples of the Puma 2018 World Cup font on Switzerland's home uniform.

The Puma 2018 World Cup font has a unique shape and design. It is an industrial-inspired look that stands in stark contrast to Puma's previous fonts and Adidas' and Nike's 2018 World Cup typefaces.

Puma's 2018 World Cup font comes without any custom elements for all teams except Italy.

The new Puma 2018 World Cup font is also used for all other Puma 2018 national team kits, including those of Italy.

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