Dybala Wears Never-Seen-Before Blackout Boots - What Are They?

A picture of Paulo Dybala wearing a pair of strange blackout football boots is making the rounds on Instagram lately. It's as mysterious as it gets but we'll try to figure out what he's wearing anyway.

The photo shows Dybala at Juventus' training complex, wearing a pair of blackout boots which we've never seen anywhere before.

Some people went as far as suggesting that "he's just wearing slides with socks", but this is not the case. We have access to more pictures from the same day that prove Dybala's shoes are indeed actual football boots.

The boots combine what looks like a leather or at least leathery upper with some of sort of ridges in the front with a very low-key sock-like construction in the back.

At this point we cannot say for sure what they are but we can confirm that they are not next-gen Adidas Predators as some claimed. Leather Nemeziz or X cleats are also not in the works as war as we know.

Given that Dybala recently moved to the Adidas Glitch and said model is supposed to undergo a more global launch in the near future, could they be a next-gen Glitch? Only time will tell but stay tuned for more details as we receive them.

Adidas Glitch Boots to Be Launched in United States?

What do you think? Share your best guess on what Dybala was spotted wearing in the comments below.