Real Madrid 2018 Champions League Winners Tee & Collection Released

Having just won a historic third consecutive Champions League, Real Madrid were quick to launch the commemorative collection to celebrate 'La Decimotercero', or 'The 13th'.

Real Madrid 2018 CL Champions Tee

This is the Adidas Real Madrid 2018 Champions League winners' shirt.

The winners' shirt is white with a large '13' printed n the front, with the Adidas and Real Madrid logos appearing on the chest in teal. The numbers also function as part of '1st time 3 in a row', with 'Kyiv' featuring at the upper left.

The same motif can be found on other items included in the Real Madrid 2018 Champions League winners' collection such as snapback cap and two scarfs.

Finally, a few more items were commisioned by the club itself, amongst them another tee, designed inhouse as well as a scarf and a special print for the home and goalkeeper shirts.

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