Stuttgart 18-19 Third Kit Design Leaked

Following the release of the home and leak of the away shirt, we can today give you the first color and design info on the Stuttgart 2018-2019 third kit.

It will be the last to be made by Puma as the club recently announced a kit deal with Jako which will commence in 2019.

Stuttgart 18-19 Third Kit

This image shows the base design of the Puma Stuttgart 2018-19 third jersey.

Paying homage to the club's home city Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg, the Stuttgart 18-19 third kit will be black with a yellow chest band. Both city and state have black and yellow in both their coat of arms and flags.

The black of the Stuttgart third jersey will have a subtle melange effect, in line with Puma's other 2018-19 shirts. Finally, white will be used for the Puma logos on the front and sleeves.

Stay tuned for a full leak of the Stuttgart 18-19 third kit.

Do you like the design of the Stuttgart 2018-19 third shirt? Drop us a line below, and check out the Kit Overview to see all leaked and official 18-19 Bundesliga jerseys.
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