Thousands Of FC Barcelona Members Banned Over El Clásico Ticket Scam

La Liga giants FC Barcelona have temporarily suspended nearly 3,000 members who falsified season tickets for EL Clásico earlier this month. A team of 120 people was deployed before the game against Real Madrid to detect how many counterfeit tickets had made their way on to the black market.

"It's the largest and most forceful action against fraud that have ever carried out," club spokesman Josep Vives said. "They are counterfeit entries based on a subscription with sophisticated means and methods to do something like that."

Barcelona Suspend Almost 3,000 Members Who Falsified Tickets For El Clasico

FC Barcelona have identified and contacted 2,823 season-ticket holders who they believe handed over their details to a third party in order to obtain an illicit economic return. The third party, the club suspects, would then have used those details to falsify tickets for the game, which, Barca estimate, has cost the club around €1.5 million - around €500 per ticket.

Members who don't want to attend a home game have the option to return their ticket to the club, who would then be able to re-sell it - for much more in the big matches - via their "free seat" scheme.

It is reported that the majority of the tickets for El Clásico have been purchased by tourists for extortionate fees. Barca did not prevent anyone from entering the stadium despite spotting the falsified tickets on the day of the game.

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