Better This Way? Designer Imagines Black-Red-Gold Germany 2018 Home Kit

Despite it being out for months now, the final verdict on Germany's 2018 World Cup kit is still not out - while some love it for its understated reinterpretation of the retro classic, others moan the lack of color compared to said original.

Graphic designer Francesco Collu (@francescocolludesign) has now given us the best direct comparison between the black-white of the original 2018 jersey and a possible full-color alternative.

Whereas the chest stripes on the original are made up of differently sized black ones, Francesco has adjusted them so they're all the same height while coloring the lower two in classy black and red, respectively. It's gorgeous to say the least.

Let us know you think of this 'alternative' Germany 2018 home kit in the comments below.