In Detail | ALL Unique Nike 2018 World Cup Kit Fonts

In opposite to Adidas, whose teams will all use the same jersey font, Nike have designed bespoke fonts for teams playing at this year’s FIFA World Cup. We take a look at all Nike 2018 national team jersey names and numbering. Thanks to nss mag and Switch Image Project.

Nike 2018 World Cup Fonts


The most extraordinary-looking Nike 2018 World Cup kit font, the Nike Brazil 2018 World Cup shirt names and numbering style reflects Brazil's vibrant lifestyle.


The England 2018 World Cup kit font has been designed by Craig Ward, a British-born Design Director who has already created typefaces for the likes of Calvin Klein Adobe, Starbucks and MasterCard. The Nike England 2018 World Cup kit letters and numbers ae inspired by Johnston and Gil Sans.


A classy design, the France 2018 World Cup font includes light blue hexagons, inspired by the geometric shape of France.


Nigeria's 2018 World Cup font boasts a modern. bold look.


The new Portugal 2018 World Cup home kit font is golden and has a classically Portuguese aesthetic. The away jersey font contains a stylized version of The Military Order of Christ's cross, a Lusitan national symbol.

Basic Font - Australia, Croatia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea

For Australia, Croatia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Nike did not design a bespoke jersey typeface. The Nike 2018 basic font for these teams features a clean look with the respective federation crest on the bottom.

'Non World Cup Fonts' - Nike China, Chile, Netherlands & USA





Nike also designed bespoke kit typefaces for China, Chile, Netherlands and USA. We won't see any of these in the World Cup, unfortunately.

Do you like Nike's 2018 national team kit typefaces? Which is your favorite Nike 2018 jersey font? Let us know in the comments below.