New Lille OSC Logo Revealed

Lille OSC have launched their brand-new logo, which is part of the club's strategic development plan and will feature on the upcoming 2018-2019 kits.

Lille 18-19 Kits

Lille 18-19 Logo

This is the all-new Lille OSC crest.

A simpler, more streamlined look designed to be more accesible than its predecessor, there are two key elements emerge in the new Lille OSC logo: the Dogue and the Vauban citadel of Lille, which respectively honor the club's heritage and its local roots. Other elements of previous design that supporters have come to love, such as the colors, the fleur-de-lis and the flame.

This logo redesign forms part of a full makeover of the club's visual identity that includes a dedicated font inspired by shape of the citadel.

Do you prefer the new Lille OSC logo over its predecessor? Drop us a line below.