Nike Will Not Supply Boots to Iran Players Because of US Sanctions

It has become known that Nike will not (be able to) provide football boots to players of Iran's national team for the World Cup because of US sanctions.

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President Trump announced the re-imposition of sanctions last month when he decided to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers.

"The sanctions mean that, as a U.S. company, we cannot provide shoes to players in the Iran national team at this time," the Nike statement said.

Talking to Reuters, a Nike spokesman was quoted saying that none of the Iran players at the World Cup would wear Nike cleats.

However, taking a look at the Iran squad and recent games, there's more than a few lacing up in boots such as the Mercurial. Nike of course cannot prevent footballers from picking up its boots at stores themselves. Check out a recent Boot XI below:

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