Outrageous - FIFA Forces Iran & Spain To Wear 2018 World Cup Away Kits

Iran will face Spain in the 2018 World Cup in less than 60 minutes. Now it has been revealed that both Iran and Spain will wear their away jerseys in the clash because of a quite outrageous decision by FIFA.

Iran & Spain To Wear Away Kits Because Of 'Non-Coincidence Of Colors'

Iran and Spain 2018 World Cup home kits - 'kit clash'.

Iran's 2018 World Cup home kit is almost entirely white with only few red applications, which would usually almost perfectly match up with Spain's striking red home shirt. However, FIFA decided to take to the extreme the non-coincidence of colors - the Iranian kit has a red stripe on both the neck and sleeves.

Iran's and Spain's 2018 World Cup away kits - no clash

Therefore, both teams will be forced to play with their second kit. Iran will don its completely red away kit, while Spain will return to play with their white / halo blue kit.

Four years ago, in the 2014 World Cup, FIFA forced Spain to release an one-off-white kit for the match against Netherlands. Now the football governing body again showed of how strict they are with their kit rules.

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