The 5 Hardest to Get 2018 World Cup Team Kits

All of the 2018 World Cup jerseys have been released. Nigeria's 2018 World Cup uniform made the headlines after being sold out after less than 3 minutes. However, there are a few other jerseys that are difficult to buy - we take a look at the 2018 World Cup uniforms that are not easy to get.

There are different reasons why jerseys are difficult to get - either the kits was not produced for sale at all (it is not offered anywhere therefore) or a kit proofed much more popular than expected.

Rare 2018 World Cup Kits

Egypt 2018 World Cup Home & Away Kits

The Egypt 2018 World Cup home kit has been proofed to be very popular not because of the design but because of Mo Salah. The jersey is therefore sold out on and most other retailer's stores. However, the Egypt 2018 World Cup away kit that was debuted in the friendly against Portugal is even more difficult to get - we have not found a single kit to buy online (it seems to be have not produced for sale at all).

Nigeria 2018 World Cup Home Kit

Likely the most popular 2018 World Cup kit, the Nigeria 2018 World Cup Nike home kit sold out very fast. The Nigerian Football Federation said that received 3 million orders, but we do not believe that Nike has produced nearly as many Nigeria jerseys.

Saudi Arabia 2018 World Cup Home & Away Kits

Saudi Arabia's 2018 World Cup home kit is available at few select retailers, while the away kit is not available to buy at all...

Iran 2018 World Cup Home & Away Kits

Both the Iran 2018 World Cup home and away kits are not available to purchase.

Morocco 2018 World Cup Home & Away Kits

Both Morocco 2018 World Cup uniforms are not available to buy online as of today,

Which is your favorite 2018 World Cup kit? Which 2018 World Cup jerseys you want to get / have you already got? Let us know on the comments below