EXCLUSIVE: Toni Kroos to Headline Next-Gen Adidas Copa 19 Silo

Toni Kroos is set to finally drop his beloved Adidas 11pro boots later this year. After recently giving away a pair for charity, Kroos switched to another one for Germany training - but his time with the age-old boots is set to end soon.

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Toni Kroos to Become Adidas Copa Boot Face

Introduced in late 2015, the Adidas Copa cleats have not received any high-profile on-pitch support whatsoever since then. This is set to change with the release of the Copa 19 in December this year, with Toni Kroos designated to headline the fourth generation of the silo.

Kroos has been wearing Adidas 11pro boots in the white and sky blue colorway since they were launched in early 2014, i.e. four and a half years ago. Although we cannot say for certain that Kroos will really make the switch in the end, it's what's currently being communicated by Adidas behind the scenes. There's even a slight chance Kroos could switch even sooner, to the current-gen Copa 18.

Stay tuned for more details on the next-generation Adidas Copa 19 boots, which are set to be launched in December together with the Predator 19. It looks like the Copa will play a more important role within the Adidas lineup in the future, much like the Glitch.

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