2002 Inspired: Nike Legend 2019-20 Teamwear Kit Leaked

Update: We have obtained many new pictures of the US version of the Nike Legend teamwear jersey. Inspired by the early to mid 2000s, this one was quite popular when we first posted about it.

An interesting Nike 2019 teamwear kit has been leaked. It reminds the more elderly amongst us of the iconic 2002 World Cup template.

Nike Legend 2019-20 Teamwear Jersey

This picture shows Nike's 2019-20 'Legend' teamwear jerseys in black and white.

Based on the Nike 2018 World Cup kit template , this 2019-20 teamwear shirt comes with remarkable design elements on the side and next to the collar.

This Nike 2019-20 teamwear template is available in at least 10 different color combinations.

The Nike 2019-2020 Teamwear jersey will go on sale in Spring 2019.

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