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Chievo Verona 18-19 Home, Away & Third Kits Revealed

Italian Serie A side Chievo recently presented their new 2018-19 home, away and third kits. The Chievo Verona 2018-2019 jerseys are made by local brand Givova.

Chievo Verona 18-19 Home Kit

This image shows the new Chievo 2018-19 home shirt.

The Chievo Verona 18-19 jersey is yellow, featuring a design that's quite understated at first glance but unveils a lot of details upon closer inspection. There are numerous team-specific elements, whilst the collar comes with a unique button construction on the right side.

Chievo 18-19 Away Kit

This is the Chievo Verona 2018-2019 away jersey.

The Chievo away shirt is based on the same template as the home, featuring the same details and applications. It's dark blue with a yellow fading stripe on the left side.

Chievo Verona 18-19 Third Kit

This is the Givova Chievo Verona 2018-19 third shirt.

Based on the same template and featuring the same stripe as the away, the Chievo 2018-2019 third jersey is white with blue sleeves and the stripe having the same color.

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