Nike Deutschrap Jerseys Released

Merging the worlds of music, fashion and sports together, Nike recently introduced a new collection of jerseys celebrating Deutschrappers and their community.

Nike Deutschrap Soccer Jerseys

The new Nike Deutschrap jersey collection includes three different kits in the colors of the German flag.

The Team International Deutschrap shirts feature bold prints, vibrant colorways, and special motifs. The shirt features a revamped take of Germany’s crest, seeing a microphone replacing the eagle’s head. Other special German shoutouts include a “+49” (Germany’s area code) emblazoned across the chest, as well as running down vertically, creating the illusion of pinstripes. On the back is the phrase “One Team. One Dream” with a customisable patch on the right sleeve which allows wearers to add their city.

The black Nike Deutschrap limited-edition jersey hit’s Jersey Shop in Europe on July 6. The red and the gold versions will be available at select retailers later this year. All profits from the jerseys sold will go towards giving studio time to young, upcoming artists.

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