Sweden's Granqvist To Be Fined £50,000 by FIFA Because of Socks

Sweden defender Andreas Granqvist has been told to stop wearing his socks or be fined £50,000 by FIFA. according to media reports. Andreas Granqvist has been wearing Trusox during the tournament but will be hit with a penalty if he wears them against England because of branding rules.

Trusox are an independent firm known for their cutting-edge socks. Players who have been spotted wearing Trusox in the 2018 World Cup are, amongst others, Uruguay's Luis Suarez, Australia's Mile Jedinak and Iceland's Alfreð Finnbogason.

Andreas Granqvist to Be Fined by FIFA Because of Wearing Trusox

FIFA have ordered Granqvist to take them off or he will be hit with a penalty in a row over branding. So the defender will face a heavy fine if he breaks the ‘rule’ again against England.

Granqvist has already been fined £50,000 for wearing them in earlier games but has been threatened with another penalty.

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