Which Is The Best / Worst? Here All 27 Liverpool Away & Third Kits Of The Past 14 Years

In 2006, Liverpool and their new kit supplier Adidas back than, started to release three new kits for Liverpool each season. We take a look at all 27 Liverpool away and third jerseys released since the 2005-06 season, including some beautiful and some awful designs. Thanks to @KitCrimes for the image.

Liverpool Reebok Era - 1996-2006

This is the Reebok Liverpool 05-06 away kit.

Reebok made its first-ever Liverpool FC kit in the 1996-1997 season. The 2005-2006 season was the last time that Liverpool only released one new change kit. The Reebok Liverpool 2005-2006 away jersey introduced a modern design in white, red and black.

Second Liverpool Adidas Era - 2006-2012

In 2006, Adidas became the club's official kit supplier after buying Reebok (Adidas already had had been Liverpool's kit supplier between 1985 and 1996). The Three Stripes produced 12 different Liverpool away and third kits, including some classy, some stylish and some rather ugly shirts.

Warrior Liverpool 'Era' - 2012-2015

The possibly worst ever Liverpool FC kits until today were made by Warrior Football, whose parent company was New Balance. Many of Warrior's Liverpool kits were described as "possibly one of the worst football kits of all time", so it was no wonder that New Balance decided to change things.

New Balance Liverpool Era - 2015-Today

In early 2015, Warrior Football was killed off by parent company New Balance, who launched New Balance football. New Balance released much less garish kits for the club in their first two seasons, while the latest New Balance Liverpool kits are rather eye-catching.

Which is your favorite Liverpool away / third kit of the past 14 years? Which is your least favorite? Let us know in the comments below.