Why Does Danny Rose Wear Socks Full Of Holes?

Danny Rose got people talking today wearing socks full of holes in today's 2018 World Cup match for 3rd place. Let us find out why Rose had holes in his socks.

Danny Rose Cuts Holes in Socks to Reduce the Tension Placed on Calf Muscles

Danny Rose had so much holes in his socks not because Nike's socks tore but to reduce pressure placed on his calf muscles. This is particular important because of the heat in Russia.

Why Does Neymar Wear Socks Full Of Holes?

In fact, Danny Rose is not the first player who cut holes in his socks in the World Cup in Russia this summer. Brazilian superstar Neymar was also spotted with holes in his socks in the 2018 World Cup.

Have you spotted other players than Neymar and Rose with holes in their socks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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