Why Does Neymar Wear Socks Full Of Holes?

Brazil superstar Neymar had gaping holes in the socks of his Brazil kit in Brazil's 2018 World Cup matches against Switzerland and Costa Rica. Let us find out why.

Neymar Cuts Holes in Socks to Reduce the Tension Placed on Calf Muscles?

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While you might first think that Neymar socks had holes because they torn, the fact that he had them in two matches and that they seem to be strategically placed pretty much confirms that it was intended by Neymar to wear socks with holes.

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In fact, holes in the back of the sock have become increasingly popular with professional players because it is supposed to release the tension placed on the calf muscles and reduce pain in the latter stages of a match.

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However, in Brazil's last match of the group stage against Serbia, Neymar did not had any holes in his socks.

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