Banega Wears Extraordinary Socks In 2018 Supercopa Against FC Barcelona - Here Is What They Are

If you watched yesterday's 2018 Supercopa de España between FC Barcelona and Sevilla you might have noticed that Sevilla midfielder Ever Banega was wearing special-looking socks. We find out which socks Ever Banega had been wearing.

Ever Banega Wears Gravity Grip Anti-Slip Pro Socks

Banega's socks are made by Gravity Grip Gear Limited, a relatively new company from the Netherlands that makes revolutionary sports socks made to get that competitive edge in a players' advantage. Ever Banega cut the socks of the Sevilla kit in order to be able to use his preferred socks.

Banega's socks are called Gravity PRO with Gravity-Grip Technology. They feature Gravity-Grip Technology with grip pads inside and outside of the sock make sure your foot will be directly attached to your footwear and eliminate slippage completely, similar to the socks of well-known company TruSox.

When the gripping pads get wet by either perspiration or rain the Gravity-Grip Technology activates, which means the gripping effect, gets even better under harsh circumstances.

The Gravity PRO sock also contains two breathability zones on the instep of the foot to cool and dry the feet and to support wicking moisture away. A rubber band on mid-foot is added which stops the sock from rolling or folding within the footwear and it supports the arch of the foot.

Ever Banega already wore the socks in the 2018 World Cup. In total, players from seven different cuntries wore the socks of the company in the 2018 World Cup, according to stats of the company.

The Gravity PRO socks retail at 35 Euro.

Have you spotted other players using special socks recently? Let us know in the comments below.
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