Dani Alves Switches Shirt Numbers in Honor Of Zagallo

Tuesday, 28 August 2018
Paris Saint-Germain's Dani Alves today announced that he will switch shit numbers for the 2018-2019 season in honor of famous Brazilian coach Zagallo. Dani Alves used the No. 32 shirt last season.

The number 13 became one of the symbols of the former coach of the Brazilian National Team because it was considered his lucky number.

Dani Alves Switches To No 13 Kit

Para mim como vocês bem sabem as histórias mais importantes são escritas pelos seus donos, as páginas não são o mais importante e sim o que estarão escritas nelas. Sempre gosto de mudar números e homenagear pessoas que de alguma forma me inspiram, pessoas que tem significado na minha vida.... dessa vez vai para nosso ídolo e inesquecível Velho lobo Zagallo... sempre acreditei que qualquer homenagem ela deve ser feita em vida. Uma pessoa que fez o que fez pelo nosso futebol, uma pessoal que sabe o difícil que é ser exitosos naquilo que fazemos e uma pessoal que torce para outras pessoas sempre merece o meu respeito e minha admiração. Ahhh, só uma coisa, ninguém vai ter me engolir não rs, pode que se tentem engasguem😂. #ilovethisgametoo😜 #GoodCrazy13 #reenventarseépreciso #newchallenge #morefastmorefurioussoon🤪

Ein Beitrag geteilt von DanialvesD2 My Twitter (@danialves) am

It is the first time that Dani Alves switches shirt numbers for PSG. Dani Alves is famous for switching kit numbers and switched kit numbers several times when playing for Barcelona.

"For me as you well know the most important stories are written by their owners, the pages are not the most important, but what will be written in them.

I always like to change numbers and honor people who somehow inspire me, people who have meaning in my life .... this time goes to our idol and unforgettable Old wolf Zagallo ... I always believed that any homage should be made in life.

A person who did what he did for our football, a people who knows how difficult it is to be successful in what we do and a people who cheer for other people always deserve my respect and admiration.
Ahhh, just one thing, no one's going to swallow me, you might try to gag"said Dani Alves on his Instagram.

The Brazilian right back is recovering from an injury that took him out of the World Cup and is expected to play again in the coming weeks for PSG.

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