Adidas Initiator Pack 2018-19 Boots Released - Incl. New Copa 19 & Predator 19

Adidas today presented the complete Initiator pack, which includes not only the totally new generation of the Copa, but also the first-ever Predator 19 and new colorways for the X and Nemeziz as well.

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The Adidas 'Initiator Pack' includes the next-generation Adidas Predator 19 as well as the all-new Adidas Copa 19, which was released as a laceless version for the first time and worn by some of the Three Stripes' best players for the first time as well.

Adidas X Initiator Pack

The Adidas X 18+ Initiator Pack boots are red, silver and black, while the X 18.1 'Initiator Pack' cleats are black, red and white.

Adidas X 18 Initiator Pack

Adidas Nemeziz Initiator Pack

A new visual look for the silo, the Adidas Nemeziz Initiator football boots feature a white / black gradient upper and a red sole plate.

Adidas Nemeziz 18 Initiator Pack

Adidas Copa 19 Initiator Pack

The first-ever Adidas Copa boot to be worn by some of Adidas' best players, the Adidas Copa 19 boots will be released as all-new laceless version (Dybala) and as traditional laces version for Toni Kroos. The Initiator Pack launch colorway of the next-gen Adidas Copa is white, red and black.

Adidas Copa 19+ Initiator Pack

Adidas Copa 19 Initiator Pack

Adidas Predator 19 Initiator Pack

The next-gen Adidas Predator 19 is also part of the Adidas Initiator pack, the last Adidas collection of the year. The Adidas Predator 19 Initiator pack cleats feature a reddish design. The tech specifications pf the boots are similar to the Adidas Predator 18.

Closer look

Adidas Predator 19 Initiator Pack

Adidas Nemeziz Messi Initiator Pack

The most garish boots of the collection and one of the the most garish boots Adidas ever created for Messi, the Adidas Nemeziz Messi Initiator Pack soccer cleats boast a garish red, blue, yellow and silver multicolor gradient design.

INSANE Adidas Nemeziz Messi 2018-2019 Boots Leaked

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The complete Adidas Initiator pack is available to buy already.

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