Puma x Unisport Future + ONE Copenhagen City Pack Boots Released

Puma has teamed up with famed soccer store Unisport on the first drop as part of the City Pack series, inspired by Unisport's home city Copenhagen. The pack includes FG Puma Future and ONE boots as well as a take on the 365 Netfit indoor model.

Puma x Unisport Copenhagen City Pack

This image shows all boots included in the Puma Copenhagen City Pack.

From darkness to light.
Emerging from the gloomy back alleys of Copenhagen, into the floodlights of the biggest arenas.
Drawing inspiration from the concrete of the Copenhagen city streets and paying homage to the city in which we were born and moulded, before breaking out of the shadows.
With designs from Joltter, JayMike and PWG, Unisport and PUMA have collaborated to create the Copenhagen City Pack.
Available exclusively at Unisport.

Puma Future 2.1 Copenhagen City Pack

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  • Unique design from Unisport WebTV host; Joltter, that puts spotlight on the journey from mediocre talent to the center stage
  • Packed with personal references, including camo-design and the legendary quote "I'm always tired but I never sleep" - as well as details and a soleplate inspired byt the streets of Copenhagen
  • crafted from a unique textile upper, that offers a soft and adaptive fit.
  • fitted with the revolutionary NETFIT technology. This innovative addition is a horizontal net, covering the instep and outside of the boot. Its hexagonal holes acts as an functional lacing system, that allows you to tie your laces - as you want to. The result is a level of customization never seen before, with adjustable lockdown and support points - creating a boot that can be adjusted to fit your feet just right.
  • A woven ergonomic evoKNIT sock offers a tight and comfortable fit and support. The sock streamlines the connection between foot and boot, creating a seamless feel making the boot a true extension of you. Pull tabs at the entry for easy access.
  • The outsole is made from a light and flexible Pebax material, and fitted with torsion bars. These ensure the perfect combination of stability and flexibility, for high speed all over the pitch.

Puma ONE 1 Copenhagen City Pack

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  • Unique design from Unisport WebTV host; JayMike, with special logo on the heel and details on the sole inspired by the streets of Copenhagen
  • crafted from soft and flexible kangaroo leather for superior comfort, unique fit and outstanding ball control
  • The lacing system is based upon the innovative PUMA fusefit tech, that allows for an individually customised lacing with a sharp silhouette.
  • evoKNIT sock for optimum fit and stability, with pull tabs for easy entry.
  • outsole is made from flexible and light pebax, that combined with an external heelcap adds stability and support.
  • visionary stud configuration that is designed for quick moves, to give you the edge.

Puma 365 Netfit Copenhagen City Pack

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  • Unique design by Unisport WebTV host PWG, with focus on transform raw talent trough dedication, practice and ambition
  • Origami pattern and PUMA formstripe to represent the creative freedom and the never ending journey of freestyle
  • Synthetic upper with unique lacing system, trough the NETFIT tech - that allows you to tie your laces just the way you want to
  • Fitted with a soft foam-sole as well as a spacious toebox, for a sneaker with optimum stability and for those who prefer to the let the feet do the talking
  • Archive lite outsole for optimum control and touch for all freestylers
  • The sneaker offers adaptive materials, for unrivaled comfort and a snug fit and support

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