Serie A Forbids Custom Captain Armbands, De Rossi Ignores New Rules

Serie A introduced a new logo and visual identity this season. It's not the best to say the least but there's another change that has players and fans furious alike. Starting this season, club captains in Serie A are asked to wear a league-supplied armband instead of the custom ones used before, likely a move copied from the Premier League where it's been like this for a long time.

New Serie A Logo

Atalanta's Papu Goméz, who has used an wide array of custom armbands in the last few seasons, took to Instagram to lament the move by the league, a statement which was welcomed by fellow captains Criscito and Pezzella.

AS Roma legend Daniele De Rossi took matters in his own hands, deciding to ignore the rule and wear his own armband. De Rossi didn't explain himself publicly but it looks like he isn't a fan of the new rules. So far, the league has not acted and no fine has been imposed on De Rossi.

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A similar rule has been in place in the UEFA Champions League for some years already - some clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have had their captains wear their own armbands over the UEFA ones.

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