To Be Discontinued? Adidas Real Madrid #7 2019 Shirt Leaked

Adidas has designed a special shirt that was intended to honor Real Madrid's former No.7 Cristiano Ronaldo. The Adidas Real Madrid #7 Shirt is set for a launch in early 2019.

Adidas Real Madrid #7 2019 Tee

A look inspired by the 1990s, the Adidas Real Madrid No.7 tee is dark navy with a pixelated 7 on the front and the club's name on the back. A label with the Real Madrid and Adidas logo is on the bottom left.

The Adidas Real Madrid #7 tee is scheduled for a release in early 2019 as part of a new Real Madrid Adidas collection.

Do you think Adidas ill release that shirt? What do you think of the Adidas RM #7 tee? Comment below.
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