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Top 10 Worst Kits 18-19

A short while ago we brought you our favorite kits of the new season and now it's time for the opposite end of the spectrum: here are our top 10 worst kits 2018-19 - ordered alphabetically just like the last time.

Arsenal Home

Arsenal's home kit design is easily one of the most recognizable styles in world football, but for some unknown reason Puma insists on messing it up year after year. This one deserves to enter the list for each of the following points: it's a copy of Nike's two-year old template, the collar, and the red armbands.

Caen Home

It's a blatant rip-off of the last Barcelona home shirt that also isn't helped by the trademark huge sponsors popular in France.

Hannover Third

Odd colors with no link to the club whatsoever: check. Monochrome logo: check. Melange effect: check. Nike Vapor rip-off: check. Do we need to say more?

Liverpool Third

Liverpool's new Third kit has a set of colors that doesn't go well together at all and combines it with a completely failed attempt at a 1990s-esque geometric pattern. Way to go, NB.

Milan Away

Milan's Away had the potential to be decent, but it was ruined by the addition of that stripe.

Napoli Third

Where to start with this one? If this list wasn't alphabetically it would probably be a fitting candidate for the top spot...

Palmeiras Third

Adidas says goodbye to Palmeiras with this rather underwhelming effort that has more than one feature that makes a bad kit. Color, cut, pattern...

Schalke Away

Teaming up with the German club for the first time, Umbro did the unthinkable and replaced the trademark white Away kit with this light grey one. It's probably a good idea to revert this move next season.

Strasbourg Away

Adidas signed Strasbourg to celebrate the opening of its new France headquarters in the city. Unfortunately, the kits, particularly the Away, are as bland as it gets. Simply horrible.

Villarreal Away

Thanks to the fact Villarreal wear yellow and won't have to resort to their two alternative kits at all unless they face Las Palmas in the cup we might not even see this abnormality on the pitch once this season.

Do you agree with our choices? What are your worst kits of the season? Comment below.