Are There Durability Problems With The All-New Nike Phantom VSN Elite?

Saturday, 1 September 2018
Around six weeks ago, Nike launched the all-new Nike Phantom VSN football boot. Now a picture suggests that there are durability issues with the all-new Nike soccer cleat that replaced the Nike Magista.

Hole in Nike Phantom VSN Elite Boots - Rather An One-Time Defect Than A General Problem

The Nike Phantom Vision football boots on the picture were torn in the lace cover Flyknit area, something that could have happened in contact with studs. But is this a general problem with the cleats?

The picture was shared by Soccer Equipment Reviewer @bootcollector on Instagram, who wrote the following about the problems with his Nike Phantom VSN Elite: "Amazing on field don’t get me wrong, but durability is definitely an issue with the new Phantom VSN. This is after 3 uses by the way, the lace cover is not that strong. Do you know anyone this has happened to?"

Nobody who saw the picture said that he had similar problems, and many also wrote that they had not experienced durability problems with their boots. So it seems to be a one-off issue, in contrast to the problems with the all-new Nike Mercurial Touch Elite goalkeeper gloves.

Does anyone had (know anyone who had) similar problems with his Nike Phantom Vision football boots? Comment below.
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