BMW To Become New Bayern München Sponsor?

Munich-based German car maker BMW is set to replace Audi as Bayern Munich shareholder and official FC Bayern Munich sponsor from 2025 at the latest, according to a recent report of German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

Audi has been a sponsor of FC Bayern München since 2002 and, since 2010, a shareholder of the club. Audi belongs 8.33 percent of the club. The Volkswagen-owned car marker has invested 90 million Euro in the acquisition of the shares in 2010 and 2011. In addition, Audi pays around 30 million per year for the sponsorship agreement.

BMW To Replace Audi as FC Bayern Munich Sponsor

According to Bild's report, FC Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeneß wants the club to sign a deal with BMW instead of Audi.

The possible BMW Bayern München deal could already begin next year as Audi wants former BMW manager Markus Duesmann to become the Audi's new boss. The former BMW manager is not allowed to start working for Audi because of a two-year changeover imposition.

Audi currently also sponsors Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and several other top clubs.

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