Hartlepool United Suspends BLK Deal Amidst Company's Failure to Supply Kits

After already experiencing similar problems over at the Forest Green Rovers, who were initially supposed to be supplied by Hummel, another English fourth-tier team has to fall on hard times in the form of Hartlepool United, competing in League Two. Hartlepool United cut ties with BLK after the Australian company failed to meet expectations.

After one and a half months into the season, Hartlepool United complains about problems with maintaining sufficient stock for merchandise as well as training gear for their Academy and top-tier athletes. As a result, Hartlepool ended the deal with BLK and invokes to not buy any Hartlepool gear over at BLK.

It is not exactly known yet which supplier will take over the wheel at Hartlepool or if it will even be an in-house production, while news are to be expected within the coming weeks.

Over the coming weeks we will see a number of new collections being introduced as we take full control of Club merchandise. In the build up to Christmas you’ll find everything from Kids Stuff through Retro and into an Executive Collection as we fully expand the range.

These are exciting times for the Club and we are pleased to start with the new home and away shirts both designed with respect to the Club's history. We are looking forward to enjoying the start of a fantastic new period on and off the pitch.

Make sure to leave your thoughts on this recent wave of insufficient supply deals down below and check out Hartlepool's merchandise store.