Primark Rips Off Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup Kit

Yesterday, we reported that a small South American brand has ripped off Nike's Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit and other infamous designs of Adidas and Nike. Now fast fashion retailer Primark has released a new shirt that draws inspiration from Nike's famous Nigeria design. Thanks to @golasostudio for the spot.

New Primark Jersey Stolen From Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup Kit

The new Primark jersey that hit their stores these days comes with a striking all-over pattern that is very similar to the graphic design of the immensely popular Nigeria 2018 World Cup home kit by Nike.

The logo on the left is also quite similar to the logo of the Nigeria Football Federation, and the 'Diablo' logo on the center is stolen from Nike's 'Naija' pre-match shirt design.

It is nothing new that Primark rips off the designs of others. The company was sued various times copying the designs of popular brands. We have not seen a stolen football kit from Primark, however.

The Nike Nigeria-stolen Primark jersey retails at just 9 GBP.

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