CONFIRMED: Nike to Release Special Inter Jersey to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Sponsorship

Update: We have been able to confirm that Nike will indeed launch a special Inter jersey to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the sponsorship. It will be released in early 2019, but it's not yet certain if it will feature a 'Mashup' style like Barcelona's.

The Inter 20 Years jersey will be black and blue with white logos, i.e. feature the club's default colors. It's possible we'll see a Mashup shirt like Barcelona's. Check out a possible look for that below and read our original reporting further down.

If you followed the news recently, you'll have seen Nike's Barcelona Mashup jersey, designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of when the Swoosh became the team's sponsor.

But Barcelona is not the only key Nike team that joined the brand's ranks in 1998: the same applies for Inter and it looks like a special-edition jersey for the Italian team could be on the way to celebrate it.

We have obtained pictures of product that's centered around the theme. It's a cap that features a special Nike x Inter 20 Years logo at the front in gold and a blue Swoosh on the side.

The logo is pretty similar to the one used by Nike on products from the Barcelona collection. It consists of a snake, inspired by Inter's nickname, stylized to look like a '2', and the circle and star from the club logo.

At this moment we cannot confirm whether or not there will be a special Inter shirt to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nike sponsorship, but we'll update you when new info drops.

While we'll see the Barcelona mashup shirt released next month, Inter's Nike 20 Years collection is slated for release in January.

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