UPDATE: Alex Morgan Accidentally Reveals Unreleased 2019 Nike Phantom Venom Boots

Update: More pictures of Alex More wearing the unreleased Nike Phantom Venom cleats in training have surfaced. These new photos definitely confirm that Nike appears to have made big updates to the colorway design of the new boots. Instead of the predominantly orange look seen before, they are black for most of the outside and rear - this could either mean Nike has changed them up quite a bit or that they are some form of 'partial blackouts'.

US women's soccer star Alex Morgan just appears to have accidentally reveal the unreleased Nike Phantom Venom boots in the orange debut colorway. The cleats featured in a video posted to her Instagram story earlier today. Thanks to everyone who shared it with us via DM, it's much appreciated as always.

The Nike Phantom Venom is set to replace the Nike Hypervenom in February next year.

As mentioned above, the video shows the orange and black debut colorway, which was leaked before.

Today's video might not mean anything, but it could also hint a slightly earlier launch of the Phantom Venom. Stay tuned for more leaked as well as more release details as they become available.

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