Class | Leyton Orient 18-19 Commemorative Fourth Kit Released

Leyton Orient released a special kit in a nod to the Club's role in World War I. Leyton Orient will wear the commemorative kit on the weekend closest to Rememberance Sunday, at home game against Bromley on November 17.

The Leyton Orient 18-19 kit is made by Avec Sport and not by Nike, as the Leyton Orient 18-19 home, away and third kits.

Leyton Orient 18-19 Commemorative Fourth Kit

The special Leyton Orient 2018-2019 commemorative jersey features the iconic red chevron design with blue shorts and socks, in a nod to the Club's role in World War I where they were the first English Club to sign-up en-masse. 41 players and staff enlisted, and three players Richard McFadden, Willie Jonas and George Scott were killed in action.

The special Leyton Orient kit will not feature any sponsorships on it and the players. Leyton Orient's kits usually feature the sponsor logos of Dream Team, Goldline, The Energy Check and ReThink.

Vice-Chairman Kent Teague told, "The main reason we had the kit made is because we know that history matters. Leyton Orient Football Club has a fantastic history and we knew that it was historically significant that it had been 100 years [since the end of World War I] so we wanted to offer a way for the fans to be able to wear a piece of history that we felt was very significant to them".

The Leyton Orient 18-19 Commemorative Fourth Kit is available to pre-order in the club's online store. It will go on-sale on October 27 2018.

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