LEAKED: Next-Gen Adidas X 19 Launch Colorway + Tech Info

It's only set to be launched in June 2019, but Adidas has already confirmed everything we need to know about the launch colorway of the next-gen X 19 football boots.

Release Date

The first-ever Adidas X 19 cleats will be launched in early June 2019, exactly one year after the current generation. Adidas has been using a yearly cycle for some time now, and nothing indicates that there are any plans to change it


A bit like the X 16 debut edition, the Adidas X 19 boots will be predominantly silver metallic, with hi-res red logos and white accents. It will be interesting to see how this plays out but, as always with generation debuts, expect it to be bold.


Features-wise, after the big jump from X 17 to 18, we expect to see a much less dramatic one this upcoming gen. And indeed, the Adidas X 19.1 boots will still feature the same Speedmesh upper and Claw collar as the X 18.1. The sole plate appears to stay the same as well, while we might see a new lacing system introduced.

The description says that there will be a "unique lace construction" for an "adaptable fit and forefoot focus", something that doesn't at all match the lacing found on the X 18. Is this Adidas' answer to the Puma Future? Only time will tell...

  • Speedmesh engineered upper
  • Seamless claw collar with molded heel for explosive movements
  • Unique lace construction for an adaptable fit and forefoot focus
  • Speedframe drillium outsole for on field traction and rapid acceleration

What do you think of all this? Let's hear your thoughts on the first Adidas X 19 details below.
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