Next-Gen Adidas X 19 Debut Boots Leaked

Update: The first full picture of the launch edition next-generation Adidas X 2019-2020 football boots has been leaked. It shows the second-tier Adidas X 19.2 version.

Update: Based on the picture with Paul Pogba and Mo Salah 'accidentally' showing off a part of the upcoming Adidas X 19 debut edition, we've decided to update our prediction accordingly. We also took into account the August colorway, which has already leaked.

Here's a prediction concept for the X 19 debut colorway, based on the model of the X 18.1. As stated in the other article, the next generation is expected to be largely as the same as the current one in terms of tech and their overall look.

The Adidas X 19.1 debut boots are predominantly silver-metallic with bright red logos and white trim - a bit like the Euro 2016 colorway.

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