Did He Not Like His Original Nike 'The Best' Boots? Luka Modric Debuts New, Black / Gold Nike Mercurial 'The Best' Boots

Update: Luka Modric has debuted the black and gold Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 football boots in yesterday's match against CSKA Moscow. Rumors afloat that Modric "was too modest to wear such a statement chrome design and feels more comfortable in a more low-key design in black and gold".

Modric Debuts New Black / Gold Nike Mercurial 'The Best' Boots

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Luka Modric has been spotted with custom, never-seen-before black and golden boots in yesterday's training session ahead of the Champions League clash at CSKA Moscow this night.

Modric was voted as voted as FIFA The Best player last week, winning the race against Cristiano Ronaldo and Mo Salah. To celebrate Luka Modric's being names the best player of 2017-18, Nike released a special boot for Luka Modric. The cleats Modric wore in training are different to the ones Nike presented, however.

Luka Modric Trains in Special Black / Gold Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Boots

In contrast to the colorful, almost iridescent Nike Mercurial Luka Modric 'The Best 2018' boots Nike presented seven days ago, the cleats worn by Luka Modric in training yesterday feature a black and golden gradient upper. The cleats come with a metallic golden outsole and a triangle of the Croatian flag on the heel area.

It is not known what Luka Modric's new boots are exactly for. They have not been presented by Nike.

Watch out for Modric's boots when Real Madrid faces CSKA Moscow in the second match of the UEFA Champions League group stage today, and stay tuned for more about Modric's black and gold boots.

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