Teamwear for £75: Oxford United 125th Anniversary 'Limited-Edition' Shirt

English club Oxford United unveiled a new special-edition shirt yesterday. Celebrating the club's 125th anniversary, just 125 of the orange jerseys would be available from October 27 at £75 each.

People were quick to notice that the special, limited-edition jersey was in fact just Puma teamwear - one you can get on Puma's own store at just £14, leading to big criticism for the move.

Objectively speaking, the orange and rather simple design pays homage to Headington United, which the club's name from its founding in 1893 all the way until 1960. It has a v-neck and features black trim on the sleeves. All sponsor logos have been removed to "complete a vintage look and feel".

The shirts will be available to buy from the club's official store from 11AM on Saturday, October 27 on a first come, first served basis.

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