Ridiculous - Here Is What Can Happen If You Are Buying A Fake Football Kit

We have already written several times that it is no good deal to buy fake football boots or kits. Now an image of a counterfeit version of the Macron Deportivo de la Coruña kit has made the waves on social media featuring a ridiculous execution of the real design.

Fake Deportivo 2018-2019 Third Kit Features Instead Of Club Hymn

The image that was shared by Jose Menendez Zapico (@zapi) on Twitter shows a fake of the Macron Deportivo La Coruna 18-19 third kit. The quality of the jersey already looks cheap, but the real joke is the Sash. The Sash of the authentic jersey is created with the text of the Galician anthem - the fake kit just comes with random text aka 'bhdvbl fdbchq ynm'.

The real kit features the the Galician anthem

Other parts of the fake Deportivo de la Coruña third kit that was bought from AliExpress do also look very bad, e.g. the Macron logo and the collar.

The authentic Macron Deportivo 2018-19 third jersey is available for 70 Euro in Deportivo's store. As it is always the case with Macron jerseys, it is the same version worn by the players (There is no replica / player issue )

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