UEFA Penalizes Valencia Because Of Small Adidas Logo On Neckwarmers

UEFA and FIFA are known for their strict equipment regulations. Now it has emerged that UEFA has charged Valencia because their player wore a tiny Adidas logo on their neck warmers.

UEFA allows a manufacturer's logos on playing shirts, shorts and socks as well as a sponsor on the playing shirt and warm-up top. It is not allowed for teams to have a manufacturer's logo on neckwarmers - Valencia's neckwarmers featured a small Adidas logo, and were therefore not allowed.

Manchester United's neckwarmers did not feature a logo and were therefore spot on.

United were charged with arriving at the ground late and a late kick off as they played out the stalemate. The La Liga club were charged with setting off fireworks in the away end at Old Trafford.

UEFA said the cases will be handled by the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body on October 18.

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