Adidas Conext19 2018 Club World Cup & 2019 Women's World Cup Ball Released

The new Adidas Conext 19 football, which will be used at the FIFA Club World Cup as well as next year's Women's World Cup, was released this week.

Adidas accidentally already showed off the Conext19 when releasing the Initiator Pack boots some weeks ago.

The Adidas Conext19 is somehow the successor of the Adidas Conext 15, the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup ball.

Adidas Conext19 Official Match Ball

This image shows the Adidas Conext19 OMB.

A striking visual design based on the Adidas Telstar 18 2018 World Cup ball model, the Adidas Conext19 football is white with an eye-catching design that shows the earth from above- the sea and nature is blue / green), while the continents are fiery red to highlight the passion for football worldwide.

Tech-wise , the Adidas Conext19 Official Match Ball is the same as the Adidas Telstar 18 2018 World Cup ball. The Adidas Conext19 ball features a mono-panel design, with each panel having the same size and shape to provide smooth, even performance.

The Adidas Conext19 Official Match Ball will hit stores in early December 2018 for 150 USD.

Do you like the design of the Adidas Conext19 2019 football? Comment below.
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