No Nikes - Here Is Which New Football Socks Neymar Is Wearing Since This Month

Saturday, 10 November 2018
Some weeks ago, we shared some info about the eye-catching socks of FC Barcelona and Croatia star Ivan Rakitic. Now Neymar has been spotted wearing the same anti-slip socks as Rakitic.

Worn by Rakitic: Tapedesign Anti-Slip Socks Review

Neymar Starts Wearing Tapdedesign Anti-Slip Socks In Training

Neymar's socks feature the eye-catching brandings of Tapdedesign, an Austrian company that produces anti-slip socks.

Just as the well-known Trusox, TapeDesign sports socks are made for better grip and less slipping featuring rubber knobs on the outside in ergonomic foot shape. They do not have rubber knobs on the inside as Trusox has patented this technology.

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After wearing the eye-catching branded Tapdedesign socks in a training session on November 2 2018, Neymar switched to the less eye-catching, lower cut Tapdedesign socks with much smaller brandings.

It was the first time that Neymar was spotted wearing Tapdedesign socks. He used Trusox in the past, while he did not wear special socks in the 2018 World Cup.

It is not know if Neymar has also used the socks in official matches as he covers his socks with tape.

The Tapdedesign anti-slip soccer socks retail at 30 Euro.

Worn by Rakitic: Tapedesign Anti-Slip Socks Review

Have you spotted other popular players with these socks? Comment below and check out also our review of the Tapdedesign anti-slip socks.
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