Man City Most Popular In One State Only - Here Is Which Premier League Team's Kit Sold Best In Each US State

The biggest US soccer retailer,, has revealed which team's Premier League kits have been the most popular in each of the 50 US states. The map is based on the jersey sales on the website over the last six months, e.g. since the first 2018-2019 kits were released.

English Premier League US States Jersey Sales

Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea dominate the US state jersey sales, with Chelsea popular on the east coast and Man Utd and Liverpool particularly popular on the West Coast.

Manchester City is the top-selling Premier League kit in one US state only - New Jersey.

Are you surprised that each of the Top 6 teams is the most popular in terms of jersey sales in each US state? Did you expect that here would be such clear favorites in the East and the West Coast? Comment below.