Nike Brazil 2019 Copa America Home Kit Revealed

The Brazilian national team this evening presented its new home kit, which will be worn at the Copa America this summer.

Complementing the white Brazil 100th Anniversary special-edition kit for the tournament, the new Brazil 2019 home shirt boasts a similarly classic look in the trademark yellow and green.

Brazil 2019 Home Kit

This is the new Nike Brazil 2019 home shirt.

After several years of fairly similar, some might even say boring, templates, Nike will this year oversee much more diverse and bespoke kit designs, at least for its major teams. Although the Brazil 2019 Copa America jersey is based on an updated version of the 2018 Vapor template, it features a unique collar and matching sleeve cuffs.

Inside the neck and on the upper back is a green-blue-green tape, just like on the 2018 World Cup shirt. The new Nike authenticity tag sits on the bottom left above the hem.

The overall design and particularly the collar of the Brazil 2019 jersey are inspired by classic kits, such as ones worn at the 1919 Copa America.

Blue shorts and white socks complete the Brazil 2019 kit.

While the white kit is already available to buy, it remains to be seen when Nike will drop the yellow home kit. It will probably be in the next few days.

What do you think of the Brazil 2019 home shirt for the Copa America? Drop us a line below, and check out the complete 2019 Women's World Cup Kit Overview as well.