New Macron Logo Revealed

Italian brand Macron this afternoon revealed a new logo. The new Macron 2019 logo introduces a more modern, edgy look compared to the previous logo that was released in 2016.

Macron 2019 Logo

The new Macron 2019 logo is not an revolution but an evolution of the old logo. In fact, only the Macron Hero, Macron's trademark symbol, has changed. The Macron Hero has a fierce, dynamic and modern character. According to the press statement, the "Macron Hero represents an even more effective way of communicating the joy felt at the end of a challenge. The achievement of a goal. Effort, passion and determination. The philosophy “Work hard. Play harder.”"

Overall, it can be said that Macron Hero symbol is more important than previously with the new branding, and has taken the lead role in Macron's branding.

The new Macron logo is set to be used for all Macron jerseys from 2019.

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