Next-Gen New Balance Tekela v2 Boots Revealed

The next-gen New Balance Tekela v2 boots were unveiled by the US brand today, together with a stylish new colorway for the Furon v5 model.

US World Cup champion Rose Lavelle was chosen as the player to unveil the new generation of the Tekela. On the men's side of things, Athletic Bilbao destroyer Mikel San José is probably the most prominent footballer to wear the Tekela.

The first-ever NB Tekela cleats were launched in May 2018 as part of the World Cup themed 'Otruska Pack'.

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New Balance Tekela v2 - Supercell / Deep Ozone Blue / Bayside Blue

This is the debut edition of the next-gen New Balance Tekela v2.

This next-gen New Balance Tekela boot is overall quite dark, with its upper combining several shades of blue and black. There's a hint of dark teal on the sole plate rear, with a metallic effect applied to it. This is matched by the lateral 'N' branding.

In terms of brandings, the 'N' continues on the outside very much like on the first-gen Tekelas, while the 'new balance' writing on the inside has been made a lot smaller.

Tech-wise, the boots appear to be quite similar, but some changes look to have been made to the upper as well as the shape of the collar. The last of the sole plate has been changed as well, resulting in a slightly different overall shape.

New Balance Tekela v2 - Features

  • Single piece throat and collar and fully bonded no-sew seam technology for superior midfoot lock-in and ultimate feel on the ball
  • Refined and reprogrammed K-Stitch dynamic embroidered bands for definitive forefoot lockdown and aggressive cutting stability
  • Anti-slip insert with superior grip top cloth for incredible under-sock lockdown and ultimate in-game dynamics
  • All new 3D engineered nylon outsole with micro-step stud tips for lightweight pro performance and ultimate traction
  • Colorway: Supercell / Deep Ozone Blue / Bayside Blue
  • Price: EUR 250
  • Release date: 11 July 2019

The NB Tekela v2 debut cleats will be available to buy from tomorrow, July 11.

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