New Boots For Liverpool's Mané - Teal New Balance Furon 5.0 Boots Leaked

Update: New pictures of the Teal New Balance Furon 5.0 football boots have been leaked (thanks to Boots Weap). They are set to be worn by Liverpool's Sadio Mané as soon as they got released.

Just a couple of days ago, New Balance launched the latest generation of its Furon football boot. Today, we can give you an exclusive first look at an upcoming NB Furon 5.0 colorway.

New Balance Furon 5.0 - Teal / Navy

This picture shows the teal colorway of the NB Furon 5.

The New Balance Furon 5.0 cleats are predominantly teal and feature an overall clean look. Navy is used for accents, such as the logos on the upper and most of the sole plate, as well as a subtle line graphic that extends from it.

An evolution rather than a revolution, the next-gen New Balance Furon boots feature a unique lacing system that only covers the upper part of the tongue area.

They also keep the ultra-thin, lightweight synthetic upper and the low collar found on the Furon 4.0.

The teal NB Furon 5.0 boots are set to be launched over the next few months.

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