Ranked: The 15 Worst Football Kits Of 2018

This week, we take a look at the best and worst football releases of the year. After be already brought you our 15 favorite football kits of 2018, we now rank the 15 worts kits of 2018.

The Top 15 Football Kits of 2018

Our list of the worst soccer jerseys of the year includes shirts from all well-known manufacturers and kits both from club and national teams.

Worst Football Kits of 2018

15 - Saudi Arabia

The Nike Saudi Arabia 2018 World Cup away kit is plain, and what makes it even worse, almost exactly the same as the Nigera 2018 World Cup away kit.

14 - Strasbourg Away

The Adidas Strasbourg 2018-2019 away kit is plain white and plastered by sponsors.

13- Arsenal Home

Arsenal's fans will look forward to Adidas next season as the current Puma Arsenal 18-19 home kit does not look good...

12 - Palmeiras Third

Adidas' last-ever kit for Palmeiras features strange colors, an odd cut and a "not so great" pattern.

11 - Schalke Away

The Schalke 04 away kit is grey and not white because Umbro wanted to break with the tradition of white Schalke away kits... It does not look good.

10 - Serbia Home

The Serbia 2018 World Cup home kit is just a 10 GBP Teamwear kit.

9 - Egypt

We would have loved Adidas to release something better than just a template kit with a standard pattern for Egypt's first World Cup participation since 1990.

8 - Caen Home

SM Caen's home shirt is a rip-off of the 17-18 FC Barcelona home shirt.

7 - Liverpool Third

Liverpool's new third that combines various shades of grey with red was not a fans' favorite, despite featuring a 1990s-inspired look.

6 - Milan Away

The Milan 2018-19 away kit comes with the same stripe as the BVB 18-19 Chamions League kit. Just remove that stripe and you get a much better kit...

5 - Hannover Third

The Jako Hannover 18-19 third kit is flashy green with a melange effect and monochromatic logos. It is also a rip-off of the Nike 2018-19 template.

4 - Tottenham Home

The Nike Tottenham 2018-2019 home kit features a gradient design that makes each player look like having tucked his shirt. We don't like it, just as most out there (The Man Utd home kit is not really better, for those wondering).

3 - Villarreal Away

Joma's Villarreal away kit not become a classic, that's for sure.

2 - Napoli Third

We loved many of Kappa's kits for the 2018-2019 season, but the the Napoli 18-19 third kit just looks horrendous.

1 - FK Rostov Fourth

Russian club Rostov have released a gruesome new fourth kit, inspired by a fan who brought his old carpet to a game th weekend before. Awful. Horrendous. Gruesome. Call it what you want.

Do you agree with our raking? What are your worst kits of the year? Have we missed any extremely horrible kit? Comment below.