Adidas Vegalta Sendai 2019 Kits Released

Vegalta Sendai of the J-League launched its new 2019 home and away kits a little less than a week ago.

Vegalta Sendai 2019 Home Kit

This is the new Vegalta Sendai home shirt by Adidas.

The new adidas home shirt design of Vegalta Sendai is presented in the now traditional yellow and blue. The garment is based on a miadidas design with a round neck and has a dark yellow base with a geometric pattern of diagonal lines on the front in a lighter shade of the color. The sleeves are solid yellow, as is the back. All Adidas brandings are blue.

The Vegalta Sendai 2019 away kit has the same design but changes the colors to white and gold.

In addition, all Adidas Vegalta Sendai 2019 jerseys feature a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the team in the form of a rubber tag, which features the two mascots of the team together with the writing 'VEGALTA SENDAI 25th ANNIVERSARY'.

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