All Macron Kits To Feature New Logo Style From 2019-20 Season

Update: The first Macron 2019-2020 kit release too take place today (Stoke City 19-20 home & away kits) - as we already reported back in January 2019, the new Macron 2019-20 jerseys feature a brand-new logo style with the new Macron Hero.

The Macron 2019 Canadian Premier League jerseys released some weeks ago already feature the new Macron logo style.

Italian football kit maker Macron revealed a new logo on 12 December 2018, changing the famous Macron Hero to a more edgy look. Now it has emerged that Macron's kits from the 2019-2020 season will feature a new style on the left chest.

Macron makes the kits for dozens of clubs worldwide, including Bologna, Lazio, 1860 Munich and Trabzonspor.

Morecambe FC 2019-20 Kit Vote Shows Off New Macron Logo Style

All Macron kits until the 2018-2019 season featured the full Macron logo on the right chest. From the 2019-20 season, the jerseys of Macron will come with the Macron Hero only on the right chest.

The sleeves again come with the Macron Hero only, of course with the new logo.

The new Macron logo style was revealed by English League Two club Morecambe Football Club, who are giving supporters the chance to have their say in choosing next season’s first team strip. Kit suppliers Macron have provided the club with six designs.

Joint Chairman, Graham Howse, said: “This is an idea that we have seen other clubs use successfully in the past. The feedback we have had from those clubs has always been positive as it has always been a great way to engage with supporters.

“Thanks to the flexibility of Macron we have been able to do the same ourselves this season and we are sure we will get a good response from supporters.’’

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