China Team Plays Under Tattoo Ban

Monday, 21 January 2019
If you watched a match of he Chinese national team at the 2019 AFC Asian Cup in the UAE, you might have noticed that some of their players were using special athletes tape. Let us find out why.

Chinese Players Not Allowed To Show Off Tattoos Because of Government

The reason for players wearing athletes tapes is as simple as incredible. One year ago, in March 2018, Chinese sports officials banned tattoos from being visible during matches in the whole Chinese Super League and for players of the China national team. It is not an official law but a semiofficial edict.

Therefore, some Chinese players wearing long-sleeved undershirts beneath their jerseys or special athletes tape in the colors of their skin.

Heavily inked central defender Zhang Linpeng, including the entirety of both arms, is heavily affected by the rule. He has been playing with a compression shirt underneath his national team jersey. H has avoided covering the markings on his right leg and his neck, however.

Other players have less work to do; a tattooed back or calf is often covered by a player’s uniform, while a smaller bit of artwork can be hidden under athletic tape. Covering tattoos isn’t mandatory for training sessions.)

“This is only a detail; I don’t really want to talk about this,” Lippi said through a translator.

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